Why we’re running a Kickstarter

We’re running a Kickstarter starting March 19th. In the name of transparency, here’s why:

1)      Give pre-order discounts of 30% to 70% to existing and new customers

2)      Decrease our carbon emissions by 10%

3)      Promote the Enjoy More, Waste Less brand

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Ryan Frederickson
9 Simple Cinco de Mayo Wine Options You Should Try

For tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas we recommend 1) Unoaked Californian Chardonnay for lean meats and less spice, if you have spicier fare a 2) Semi-dry German Riesling or from the Finger Lakes (New York) will offset some of the heat from the spice. For bigger meats, a 3) Spanish Tempranillo will pair well or a 4) Spanish Garnacha if you want something bolder.

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Grape-Experiences Wine Preserver Review
Ottawa 2 Rivers Wine Fest - See you there!