First Five - ArT Wine Preservation Update


Been an exciting start for ArT Wine Preservation - we are now  5 months since our market launch! Our mission to reduce waste, starting with wine, continues to be an uplifting experience.

For starters, we have decided to drop the “18” from the name for clarity. Beyond that we have started working with our first distributor, and ran two booths locally. We also created a promotional video thanks to an old friend and redesigned and  launched a new, friendlier website ( !

We have started to build a strong network in Chicagoland and beyond. A huge thank you to the Purdue Foundry for their support. One of their workshops helped us determine a new sales channel, and they have provided advisement and connections we would not have otherwise.

Personally, April has been a tough but good month. Became a real manager, ran the Boston Marathon, and pitched my company in front of a crowd of peers all in the same week. It has made me confident in my ability to lead this product in development and through the next steps.

The challenges ahead still include a push for stronger branding, holding the strong sales spike from April, and developing a strategy for the food preservation design testing. We will be at some events around Chicagoland to promote ArT this summer - please like us on Facebook and join our mailing list to stay up to date on our latest!

Thanks for joining us on our journey to reduce waste!

R Freds

Ryan Frederickson