WTHR 13 (Indianapolis): Purdue Grad Devises Way to Keep Open Bottles of Wine Fresh

ArT Wine Preservation.jpg

We were lucky enough to have support, the Purdue Foundry, a startup incubator for Purdue students and alumni, along with the Greater Lafayette area. A member of their team interviewed us for our first press release.

This was picked up by US News and other organizations such as WTHR in Indianapolis, Indiana. (READ: Purdue Grad Devises way to keep open bottles of wine fresh).

A brief description of how we use argon to preserve open bottles of wine is included, along with our video introducing ArT and How ArT Wine Preserver Works. 

We appreciate all the support we have received from the Purdue and Indiana community as a result. As always, we respond to every e-mail we receive from customers, wine and wine accessories distributors interested in partnership, and followup press requests. 

Thanks to the Purdue Foundry and the Associated Press for the press release on our new wine preserver! 

For more information related to our argon wine preserver, please Contact Us. We are happy to discuss our current and future plans in more detail as requested.

Ryan FredericksonComment