StartupNation Radio - Interview with Jeff Slaon


StartupNation Radio host Jeff Sloan invited us to speak about how we launched ArT Wine Preserver.

Full Episode: StartupNation Radio - ArT Wine Preserver

Frederickson says the goal for ArT Wine Preserver is to reduce the amount of wine poured down the drain. By his estimates, $1.5 B of wine is dumped in the United States every year.

During the show, Ryan discusses: 

  • How the product keeps open bottles of wine from spoiling
  • Who ArT Wine Preserver benefits, including restaurants, wineries and home wine drinkers
  • How the business coaching guidance Jeff and Rich provided that helped ArT Wine Preserver find the “why” of the business (reducing waste, beginning with wine), led to changes in both current marketing and long term planning
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