5 Easy Mother’s Day Wine Gift Ideas - Online or In-Store

Online or in-store, at least half of these 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas will be easy for you to grab.




One small side note first...



When did we first start celebrating Mother’s Day?

          Mrs. Ann Jarvis

          Mrs. Ann Jarvis

In the United States, Mother’s Day became a federal holiday under Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

It was founded primarily due to the effort of Miss Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis became passionate about establishing Mother’s Day after the passing of her mother, Mrs. Ann Reeves Jarvis.

Mrs. Ann Jarvis was a social activist during the Civil War. She, and groups she organized, cared for wounded soldiers on each side of the conflict. It is believed she told Anna that she wanted mothers to be remembered, like the soldiers they healed.

However, it should be noted that many earlier groups such as the ancient Greeks had celebrations for mothering figures like the goddess Cybele and Demeter.



And now…


Back to some gift ideas

As a note - we (of course) include products we sell. You can find almost all of these at your local wine shop or online.



1) "Memory Wines"

wine from somewhere special-min.jpg

Of course a bottle of wine would be perfect - but you should look for more than just any bottle of wine.

You want wine that we refer to as “memory wine”, that is - one that can invoke a memory.





What is the easiest way to find “memory wine”?


Find wine that is from a region that has some significance.


You should find a region that...


-She has visited

-She wants to visit


The absolutely best wine gift tends to be from a region…


thinking of you-min.jpg

-You have visited and

-Includes a card saying you thought of her during that trip.

-"I thought of you on this trip Mom - here is some wine from (Sonoma, New York, Seattle, Spain, Michigan, Australia...)"


Wine from a region you have visited is a fantastic wine gift for all wine loving recipients.



2) Wine Stoppers


Having a nice way to seal up a half-full wine bottle is always useful. Look for a package of a few stoppers.

We would like to throw the four pack of ArT Wine Stopper as an option, though there are many available that work well. 




3) Wine Paired with Dinner

wine bottle from somewhere pair with dinner-min.jpg

Does Mom have a favorite dish?


Perhaps you could find a wine or two that pairs with that dish.

If you do not remember - don’t fret!

You can simply ask her what she has been looking to cook or take out in the near future to find out.


One more suggestion when looking at wine gifts...


Try to stick with the $10-30 bottles unless you have prior experience with a wine and know it has good quality.





4) Wine Preserver

ArT Wine Preserver - White Background - Squared.jpg

So mom can enjoy wine whenever she wants - even if no one else can join.

See ArT Wine Preserver, which is the highest rated Amazon product in its class.






5) Sparkling Wine

champagne-2 white-min.jpg

If in doubt, bring sparkling wine or champagne. "Bubbly" is always is a crowd pleaser.

Wine with Prosecco (Italy) or Cava (Spain) on the label is a safe bet.

Sparkling Rosé wines are gaining in popularity, if you want to try something a little different.





Bonus Option - Wine Journal

Wine Journal And Wine Quiver-min.jpg



This comes from our friends over at Quiver.

They are big fans of fine wine & share our enthusiasm with the Enjoy More, Waste Less lifestyle.


This classy wine journal is pretty enough to show friends & a reminder to enjoy every sip of your wine.


What are you giving your Mother?

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