Why we’re running a Kickstarter

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We’re running a Kickstarter starting March 19th.

In the name of transparency, here’s why:

1)  Give pre-order discounts of 30% to 70% to existing and new customers

2)  Decrease our carbon emissions by 10%

3) Promote the Enjoy More, Waste Less brand


What are we offering and receiving from the campaign?

We are offering 30 to 70% off MSRP for pre-ordering the next generation of ArT Wine Preserver. It is the same great product, with a piece of the supply chain cut and increased robustness of the product.

Backers will have to wait until June to receive their new product, but we hope the steep promotional price on ArT Wine Preserver is worth the wait!

If we meet our goal of $3,000, we’ll be able to successfully implement new tools in our production.


How does Kickstarter fit in with our mission to reduce waste?

At a slightly larger scale, we can eliminate some packaging and part of our supply chain. This will eliminate 10% of our total carbon footprint.

We are a small company with a big goal of reducing waste in an industry (CPG) notorious for waste (NRDC CPG Waste Report 2015).

To meet our goal, we need to grow faster than we currently are.

When we produce at our current scale, we must use some carbon intensive methods. An example of this includes a carton to protect and prep our product for Amazon.com. Additionally, we must add an extra step in our supply chain to effectively add the carton, which has a large impact.

While we can still meet our mission of reducing waste by preserving wine – we are committed to improving our own product’s footprint as we scale. See for why we analyze our footprint and how we know we’re reducing waste as we scale.


What is different about this generation?

New branding “Enjoy – Drink – Preserver”, more robust cap, and lower carbon in the supply chain. Shipping in June 2019.


So, to raise a funding, we had a few options. Why did we choose Kickstarter?

The obvious alternative to Kickstarter is raising money from investors. This is great and often traveled path. But raising money takes time, which takes time away from running a mission. We are close to the funding we needed already, so traditional investors are unnecessary to get us to the next level.


What do we need to succeed?

We only need an extra $3,000 to improve our supply chain for this one.

Your backing and sharing will be important. Unlike other projects – we don’t already have investors bankrolling our efforts nor will we be running Facebook and Google ads to the campaign.

How do we back ArT?

Sign up for our e-mails below to stay in the loop and back our Kickstarter on March 19th.

Early bird specials are expected to go fast, so be sure to back the first day (Tuesday March 19th) for the best discounts. We use these to encourage backing early so we are promoted on the Kickstarter platform.


Campaign starts Tuesday March 19th.


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