Grilling Season - Short List of Summer Wines

7 wines to keep on hand for backyard grilling. Perfect for the Fourth of July, graduation parties, or for chilling on the porch.

Someone fill this glass pronto!

Someone fill this glass pronto!

If you are outside in the summer grilling, we offer some ideas for wine pairings.

Some thoughts to consider…

Higher temperatures outside mean that you may want to chill your wines a bit more than normal.

You could even grab an ice bucket for the whites and rosé. Even reds will need to be kept cool, nothing ruins a Cabernet Sauvignon more than serving it at 75 degrees.

Try keeping the white on ice or in the fridge until served. Put red wines in the fridge for 10-20 minutes before serving.

Also, traditional pairing (such as Chardonnay with chicken) works well but there is generally additional char from the grill. As a rule of thumb, you can add a little bit bolder and smoky/oaky wines to the mix.

Vegetable Skewers, Corn on the Cob, grilled salads

Making me hungry...

Making me hungry...

Traditionally a light-bodied white would go well, but if there is a decent amount of searing from the grill you might want to add a little bit more body. We'd recommend trying a

1) California Chardonnay (oaked) or a

2) Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon


If you are going to add some spice or BBQ sauce, some of the acidity from a

3) Gewürztraminer from Austria will do nicely.


To put a mix of light meats and veggies on shish kebabs try an

4) Oregon Pinot Noir with fruit and medium body to complement the spectrum on the skewer


Brats and Burgers

Time to fire up the grill and start cooking...

Time to fire up the grill and start cooking...

When you start putting things into buns, we’ll add some tannins and heft. Try a

5) Spanish Garnacha with smoke and oak or

6) Australian Syrah if you want something bolder


Just Lounging in the Summer

I spend 9 months of winter in Chicago for this...

I spend 9 months of winter in Chicago for this...

If you’re enjoying the warm temperatures without food, perhaps after a long day of work, might we recommend finding:

7) Rosé – some fantastic ones come from years of experience in Bordeaux or Chile.

Try a Sparkling Rosé if you are feeling a need for bubbles and make sure to keep it cooled right out of the fridge.

Bonus: Italian Pinot Grigio which you can enjoy right out of the fridge (~40 degrees) without muting the flavors.

What are you drinking?

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