Saving Bottles of wine with ArT Wine Preserver is easy

Explore Wine

1) Open a bottle of wine (or three) and pour yourself a few glasses.
2) When finished drinking for the day, break out ArT Wine Preservation

Save Wine

1) Insert ArT nozzle into mouth of the bottle.
2) Apply ArT by squeezing trigger for 1 to 2 seconds. Add another 1 second dose if larger than 750 mL bottle.
3) Re-cork the wine bottle. We recommend using the ArT re-usable cork.
4) Store upright in a cool dark place.
5) Re-apply ArT after each day of opening the wine bottle.

Best Results

For best results we recommend:
1) Applying ArT soon after pouring glasses to minimize oxygen exposure
2) Storing upright in a fridge or wine cooler



Click image for more information on how it works!

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Wine by the glass