ArT Wine Preserver In the News

We have been lucky enough to meet some great people interested in our goal, to reduce waste beginning with wine.

If you'd like to speak with us - please contact us.


Inside Indiana Business with Dr. K:

We discuss our goals to help the wine industry enjoy every drop of wine with Dr. K.

Full video:

ArT Wine Preserver

Journal & Courier

Purdue Grad found a way to keep open bottles of wine fresh for weeks by Meghan Holden.

"When it came to open bottles of wine, Ryan Frederickson saw two possible options: finish the whole bottle in one sitting or pour any remaining wine down the drain..." 


ArT Wine Preserver - 4 pack

Lakeshore Public Radio | Chris Nolte

Speaking about our competitive advantage and the benefits of using an argon wine preserver. We also hint at where we will go next on Lakeshore Public Radio.