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Who We Serve

ArT Wine Preserver is available for anyone from home wine enthusiasts to large scale food establishments, helping them preserve their personal stash or guarantee customers and clients a fresh, crisp glass every pour. Each order comes with a wine stopper to tightly seal your bottle.


Home Wine Drinkers

Even the most passionate wine connoisseur may not always want to finish a bottle of wine the same day it was opened. Whether you’re drinking a hard earned $10 bottle or a limited vintage, get the most out of every drop. With ArT, your last glass will taste just as extraordinary as the first.


Home Brewers

Now you can use the same technology that was once only available to high-end breweries. Savor your precious homemade wines for weeks without fear of it going sour. ArT makes a perfect complement to the investment of time, effort and materials spent crafting your special blends.


Wine Professionals

We know you love bringing the finest wines to your customers, but you hate seeing the end of a delicious bottle go to waste. Maximize your budget the simple way, without bulky or expensive equipment. Contact us for exclusive distribution deals to save your product and pass that added value back to your to customers.


Restaurants and Wine Tasting Bars

Improve your bottom line and keep customers coming back for more by serving the freshest wine every time. Restaurants incur an average of 11-15% in losses due to wine oxidation every year. Vacuum stoppers can be cumbersome and take four times longer to use than ArT’s two-second spray method. When you use ArT to seal just four half-full bottles each week, you will save at least $1,240 in wine per year. Tasting rooms often close for days at a time – ArT keeps open bottles completely fresh until you’re ready to pour.


For your convenience, we offer a 12-pack “power user” discount to save money and keep your customers happy. Contact us for more information.


Kitchen Supply Stores & Gift Shops

Your customers will appreciate this easy, safe and innovative way to keep wine fresh up to three times longer. Contact us for wholesale pricing on bulk orders for the ArT Wine Preserver.

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