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About ArT Wine Preserver

ArT Wine Preserver founder and Purdue University graduate Ryan Frederickson worked as an engineer until a vacation to wine country sent him in a different direction.

“Visiting Sonoma, California inspired me to start drinking wine. As I toured the vineyards, I saw the art and science behind producing fine wines, along with the back-breaking work that goes into making it. Sometimes the staff comes in as early as 4:00 a.m. to work in the fields. The journey to produce a bottle of wine is truly exceptional. Seeing all of this firsthand really put the process into perspective,” he says.

When he learned that approximately $1.5 billion worth of wine is poured out every year due to oxidation, Ryan was compelled to act.

“I felt it was such a shame that after all of this hard work, a large portion of the wine they create ends up down someone’s drain. It became my mission to reduce this waste,” Ryan says.

In researching other wine preservation products on the market, he saw that they were either ineffective or cost prohibitive. He knew there had to be an easier, more affordable way.

Ryan used his previous experience working in the argon gas industry to develop the ArT Wine Preserver, the easiest way to keep wine fresh.

“After designing several commercial antioxidation systems in the past, I modified this technology for smaller scale use in homes and businesses,” he says.

The ArT (short for “Argon Technology”) Wine Preserver contains 100% pure argon gas to keep opened bottles of wine fresh at least three times longer. Each can of ArT preserves up to 50 bottles, and takes only two seconds to use.

By preserving wine for up to a month, the ArT Wine Preserver can save wine enthusiasts, vineyards, restaurants and bars hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wasted product. And by supporting the conservation of valuable resources, particularly in drought-prone regions of the country, ArT is also helping save the planet.

Ryan Frederickson - Founder of ArT Wine Preserver

 Ryan explains, “ArT Wine Preserver is not just a product, it’s a conservation effort.”

Ryan Frederickson

Founder - ArT Wine Preserver


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