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The Story of ArT Wine Preserver

Why we created the Argon Wine Preserver:

So you can enjoy & explore wine on your terms, without waste.


Living alone with a taste for wine, I found it strangely difficult to enjoy wine on my terms.

If I wanted to have a glass on Tuesday, by the weekend that same bottle of wine would taste like expensive grape vinegar.


Because wine oxidizes so rapidly, and comes in five glasses per bottle, I had to commit to a headache the next morning or I ended up dumping wine each week.

This rapid oxidation limits a person's ability to truly explore the world of wine.


With so many wonderful options of wine styles and countries of origin, this made me start talking and researching.


Here is what I found...


1) Other wine drinkers wanted the flexibility to explore wine - just like I did

2) There is a lot of wine waste out there.

3) The wine preservers just weren't performing well enough.


But that didn't make me quit my comfortable day job to join the ups and downs of a wine preserver startup. 


Something else made me leave my corporate job...


I took a trip to Sonoma Valley. There I was able to experience the art and science behind every bottle of wine.

After a backbreaking harvest and a carefully executed fermentation, a bottle will be filled to be delivered to retail or direct to someone’s kitchen. In fact...


..the journey to produce a bottle of wine is truly exceptional. 


But at the end of this journey - chances are this bottle won't be enjoyed to the fullest. $1.5+ Billion of wine ends up down the drain each year in the US.


With that freshly in mind, we decided to start the ArT Wine Preserver project.


We successfully launched the first version of our argon wine preserver in December of 2016 and have been thankful for our loyal early adopters.


Our goal is to allow you, our customer, to enjoy wine on your terms. To enjoy wine without worrying about waste or having to commit to every bottle you open.

At the end of all this - we can reduce waste together.


Why the name "ArT" for a Wine Preserver:

ArT stands for Argon Technology.


My background is engineering for the argon industry.

We designed systems to prevent oxidation on a large scale for places such as vineyards and food companies looking to use non-abrasive preservation methods.


Using this knowledge, we developed an launched a wine preserver that is effective, simple, and allows wine enthusiasts to enjoy wine by the glass, without the waste.


Who We Serve:

We serve a variety of wine consumers. This includes:


Wine Professionals -

Those who represent wine brands and are constantly offering samples. ArT Wine Preserver is a tool that extends the life of sample bottles, allowing wine professionals to maximize their budget without bulky or expensive equipment.

We offer distribution deals allowing wine professionals to pass value down to their own customers.


Wine Drinkers and Wine Enthusiasts at Home - 

There are many different types of wine consumers.

You might be like I was, living alone or perhaps you are the only wine drinker in your household. Wine drinkers like us often have nobody to share the bottle with anyone, and need to preserve the wine leftovers.

Perhaps you have a spouse who travels. While you might typically share a bottle with your significant other, sometimes they are not around to take their half of the bottle. We let you enjoy your wine partial bottle increments and protect the leftovers for later.


Restaurants and Wine Tasting Bars -

You might manage a busy place that involves alcohol and demanding customers, who can be a challenge to please.

Luckily, we provide a way to ensure every drop of wine is just as good as the first. You can ensure the best quality wine in every pour. We offer you 12 pack "power user" discounts so you can protect open bottles with our easy to use argon wine preserver. We can keep up with the demands of your restaurant environment.


So what does this mean?


From the true connoisseur having an in house tasting, to the occasional drinker that just wants to have a glass here and there, ArT Wine Preserver gives the flexibility to enjoy wine by the glass & save the leftovers worry free.


What are the goals for ArT Wine Preserver?

For you to enjoy every ounce of the wine you purchase and decrease consumer waste.


We believe you can fully enjoy a high quality bottle of wine over the course of a week or two.


We believe this experience offers more value than three low quality bottles of wine with flashy labels and big marketing budgets. 


We want you to have the freedom to drink wine the way you want, not the way major brands want you to.


...Why does this even matter?


Because beyond wine - there is a lot of challenges in our food industry.


Of all the food produced, 40% is thrown into our overflowing landfills. 


We want to use ArT Wine Preserver as a platform for change. We have a lot of work to do.


Can you reduce your own waste, starting by recycling your wine bottle?


We hope you follow our journey & let us help you enjoy every drop of your wine. Thank you!


Ryan Frederickson - Founder of ArT Wine Preserver

Ryan Frederickson

Founder - ArT Wine Preserver

(773) 234-9519


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