11 Wine Memes for Wine Wednesday | Share a Laugh

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How did #WineWednesday begin?

We aren't sure when #WineWednesday became a thing. But its highly likely that it started well before the hashtag was invented.

Possibly the inventor of #WineWednesday

Possibly the inventor of #WineWednesday


Here is a list of wine memes to say what words can't this. Use wisely.


(PS: We included a list of #hashtags you may also find useful) 


Use the following meme to...

1) Preach The Truth

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2) Complain about Your Week

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3) Show Your Pretentious Friend How It Looks...

rats wine.jpg


4) Be Punny



5) Show You Feel Like A Million Bucks

showering money on wine.jpg


6) Spread the Lie We All Love

trust me, you can dance.png


7) Remember Beauty and the Beast



8) Give a subtle reference to your birthday on #WineWednesday

"Oh this is definitely me"

"Oh this is definitely me"


...Or share these variants....


9) When the Workday Just Won't End at Five



10) When the alcohol laws get you down



11) When someone mentions the health implications

Lean with ArT.jpg


Wine Hashtags to Include

Having the right hashtags can help you gain exposure and join a dialog. Try putting the following hashtags into, or at the end of, your post.


#WineWednesday #winelover #wine #winetasting #redwine #foodandwine #whitewine #wineoclock #vino #drink #cheers #bottle


#winechat is a good one to get involved in for dialog.

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