ArT Wine Preserver - Wholesale 12 and 49 packs

ArT Wine Preserver - Wholesale 12 and 49 packs

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Protect Sample Bottles

Our Belief: You can serve every drop of your wine - without compromising your brand & without waste.

Our Goal: Reduce waste & give you the flexibility to sample your wine freely.

Our Quality: The engineering insight came from the leading non-abrasive preservation technology in the food & wine industry: Argon.

  • Save money - stop dumping your wine

  • Lock in the flavors and aromas

  • Sell ArT for 50%+ margins

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Same technology used in $300-3,000 systems - scaled down by an engineer from the argon industry.


Simply spray 2 seconds of the FDA GRAS listed gas into open bottles to keep them fresh for 7 to 14 days. 

Point of sale materials for resale are available.

ArT Features:

  • Gold Standard in preserving wine - Pure Noble Argon

  • FDA G.R.A.S. Argon, same used in bottling high ends

  • Up to 130 uses | up to 50 bottles preserved

  • Environmentally Friendly - fully recyclable

Benefits of ArT

Wine by the Glass | No Commitment - Pull the cork without committing to the whole bottle | Perfect for spouses who travel or singles | Wine Gift for Enthusiasts | Sommelier's training for exams