ArT Wine Preserver - Wholesale 12 and 49

ArT Wine Preserver - Wholesale 12 and 49

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The easiest way to keep your wine fresh

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Customer Say...

“If your tasting room is closed for 2-3 days, (ArT Wine Preserver) can save you hundreds of dollars.”

Bob Sage - Principal of Plain Cellars, a Washington Winery

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In fact - 27 of 29 Amazon Customers gave us a 5 Star Review


ArT Wine Preserver displaces the oxygen in open bottles of with with heavy argon gas.

For effective preservation on open bottles, simply:

  1. Apply 2 seconds of the FDA GRAS listed gas into open bottles
  2. No straw or "hurry" needed. We use pure heavy argon, which sinks into the bottle
  3. Seal with airtight stopper (DO NOT use vacuum stoppers).
  4. Store upright in cool dark place
  5. Serve at peak freshness within 7 days. Most wines will remain fresh for 14 days. Wines may stay fresh beyond 30 days.


Features of ArT Wine Preserver:

  • Gold Standard in preserving wine - Pure Noble Argon

  • FDA G.R.A.S. Argon, same used in bottling high end wine

  • Up to 130 uses | up to 40 bottles preserved

  • Environmentally Friendly - fully recyclable

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